The exclusive house for innovative spirits from the Black Forest was founded in 2014. It has since dedicated itself to enriching the sophisticated segment of the international markets with high-quality products.

The company name is a charming word play combining the English 'black' and French 'forest', while Blacky,

the smart Uhu, decorates the company logo as tribute to the native owl bird.

The flagship product FINE SPIRIT is a conscious dedication to the century long tradition of South-German fruit distillery, representing a unique spirit in its independent genre.


In the areas of production and sales, we have been cooperating with the traditional distillery Kammer-Kirsch in Karlsruhe since Day 1, standing for sophistcated craftsmanship and ongoing demand for excellence since 1923.

For all of our products, we exclusively process regional fruits and botanicals, guaranteeing a pleasantly mild, high-quality filtered taste for every BLACK FORÊT product.


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